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ICCT (the international center for critical theory) is an international alliance dedicated to the study of critical theory. The center has established branches in four universities: Peking University, New York University, University of Tokyo and Eastern China Normal University. We are also building our branches in European Universities.

Our partners include NYU Department of Comparative Literature, NYU Department of East Asian Studies, NYU China House, University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy, and Simian Institute for Advanced Studies at East China Normal University. We are also cooperating with a series of publishers including Harvard University Press, Stanford University Press, Duke University Press, Oxford University Press, Peking university Press, and SDX Press, as well as academic journals including Boundary 2, Social Text, Critical Inquiry, South Atlantic Quarterly,New Literary History, Modern Chinese Literature Studies, Social Sciences in China, Open Times, Tianya, Dushu, The Twenty-First Century, etc.

ICCT-PKU Organizational Structure


Zhang Xudong

Executive Vice Director

Jiang Langlang

Assistant Director

Zhang Yongle
Jiang Hui

Memebers of the Academic Committee

From Peking University

Yue Daiyun
Shen Dan
Chen Xiaoming
Wu Xiaodong
Zhang Hui
Jiang Shigong
Wu Zengding
Zhang Yongle
Jiang Hui
Chen Yuehong
Jin Yongbing
Liu Zhuo

From New York University

Zhang Xudong (Director/New York Coordinator)
Catherine Stimpson
Richard Sieburth
Thomas Bender
Jacques Lezra
Thomas Loose

From University of Tokyo

Nakajima Takahiro (Associate Director/Tokyo Coordinator)
Kobayashi Yasuo
Ishii Tsuyoshi

From East China Normal University

Luo Gang (Associate Director/Shanghai Coordinator)
Ni Wenjian
Lei Qili
Zhu Yu
Cai Xiang
Xue Yu

Advisory/Communicative Committee

Fredric Jameson
Gan Yang
Liu Xiaofeng
Wang Hui
Cui Zhiyuan
Yao Yang
Cai Xiang
Ozaki Fumiaki
Michael Hardt
Wang Ban
Jiang Hui
Shu Wei

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